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Scam Agencies

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Scam Agencies

The internet makes escort bookings a breeze. But sometimes the delight of an online booking can turn into a nightmare. Imagine you see this sexy model from the Ukraine, Romania or Moldovia on a website and she is available to visit you in London, Paris or wherever you are to spend a nice weekend with you. It sounds logical that they will ask you for a advance payment to cover traveling cost and part of the companion fee in advance. Hey, wake up! In most cases you will never hear from the people again after you have sent the money and certainly the escort will never be on the flight that you paid her airfare for. Unfortunately, a large scam industry has grown around the business of traveling escorts from East Europe, specially the Ukraine. The shady scam scheme is always the same. An escort agency emerges and buys up photos from a fashion photographer, they launch a website with incredibly attractive women and advertise on various escort directories. They even employ students in call centers that you will be able to call and talk to with the false imagination of speaking to the fashion model that you saw on their website. They collect advance payments from hundreds of potential customers at an average of at least 1500 Euro each. 2 or 3 months later they close doors and disappear! Your money is gone and you have no way of ever retrieving it.
When making bookings for traveling escorts and you really want to follow up with an advance payment you should always be very cautious. Always ask for a copy of the escort's passport and make flight bookings and payments yourself. This is still no guarantee that the girl you booked will show up or that she will look like the lady on the images, but at least you won't allow them to cash in on the airfare. If the agency refuses to provide a passport copy and won't allow you to make travel arrangements on your own something is fishy and we do recommend not to send any funds in advance. You can check escort agency's reputations of review boards such as Captain 69.

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Moscow Escorts are great alternatives to saunas, brothels or massage parlors. You happen to spend a lot of time with a Russian escort for sexual or social fun. It's like having a sexy girlfriend with a guarantee for good sex. Many Russian escorts offer city tours to cities like Paris, Milano or London. Please, be advised that there are some scammers around. We would advise never to make any advance payments.



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