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Moscow Escort: Busty Sona

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Moscow Escort: Busty Sona

I love busty girls that are in great shape. I mean you can find a lot of ladies with big boobs in Moscow and across Russia, but finding one that is also attractive in terms of a perfect 10 shape is rather hard. While I was checking ladies profiles on Vip Dama, a Moscow escort portal, I stumbled upon Sona. This blond chick is really beautiful. Nice blonde hair, good shape, sophisticated appearance and a nice set of soft round big boobs. She is just 22 years of age and stands 173 cm. Her vulva is completely shaven.

sona escort
I think this Moscow girl can be very wild in bed. Image courtesy of: vipdama.ru

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Moscow Escorts are great alternatives to saunas, brothels or massage parlors. You happen to spend a lot of time with a Russian escort for sexual or social fun. It's like having a sexy girlfriend with a guarantee for good sex. Many Russian escorts offer city tours to cities like Paris, Milano or London. Please, be advised that there are some scammers around. We would advise never to make any advance payments.



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