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Welcome to Escort Review Blog

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Welcome to Escort Review Blog

A warm welcome to you guys who are doing online research to find a sensual companion over the internet. I have started this site to present you with some interesting news about escort sites on the world wide web. Most escort resources are usually either regional directories with paid listings or closed communities with user submitted reviews. I try a new approach by introducing you to online resources like individual escort sites, directories and review sites. Most of them have a regional relation so they may help you to find a courtesan while traveling and I will try to tell you about alternatives to escorts and agencies. Monkey business is different from country to country and while you can just select a escort off of a website and cross check her references in the UK or the USA, you will need find a different approach to locate a sensual companion in Amsterdam, Bangkok, Buenos Aires or in South Africa. Have fun reading and let me know of any interesting resource that you would like to share with me and our readers. The contact form provides a great way of contacting me.

Escorts are great alternatives to saunas, brothels or massage parlors. You happen to spend a lot of time with an European escort for sexual or social fun. It's like having a sexy girlfriend with a guarantee for good sex. Many Euro escorts offer city tours to cities like Paris, Milano or London.



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