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VIP Manila

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VIP Manila

VIP manila escort

A new escort agency from the Philippines is online: VIP Manila. The Filipina escort site features around 10 ladies aged 18 to 20 available for outcall in Metro Manila. Prices are high compared to the rates of freelancers and Makati bargirls, but they are still well below other Asian escorts in Japan, China or Singapore. All ladies are described in a short profile with a couple of topless photos in sexy poses. The website provides a cell phone number for contact. It's one of very few escort agencies from Manila that have such an open web presence. Most other agencies operate in a more disguised way like advertising platforms or Yahoo groups. The girls look sexy for sure :-) One of their offers includes a beach vacation with 2 companions on Boracay White Beach if you think about some sensual romance in a world class vacation hideaway.

Oriental girls from Asia are known for their gentle touch and their smooth skin. Asians offer some of the finest GFE in the world of escorts, bargirls and courtesans.



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