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Cheap Sex

Many guys don't need to look for spiffy looking upscale model escorts and they don't care about escort reviews either. They just want cheap sex. A good lay or a treatment in a massage parlor and they are happy. The cheaper the better. People like that may find valuabale information at the World Sex Archives, a global escort review board for male sex tourists who travel around the world in search of cheap sex. Most of their reports come from South America and Asia. They are usually blow-for-blow reports on where to find the cheapest hookers and prostitutes and the going rate for sex. It's not for everybody's taste who likes to share intimacy with a model escort, but certainly an alternative for budget minded punters on search for more service for their money.

world sex guide

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Bangkok Outcall

Bangkok is known for it's carnal nightlife, but yet there are just a few Bangkok escort agencies with websites online. Why is that, one might want to ask? The reason is very simple: there is very little demand for escort agencies like you know them from Western countries. If you want to find a escort you would go to a bar in one of the red-light districts like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong or Soi 33 and look for a girl among dancers and waitresses that you like. Buy them a drink, talk with them and if you like pay a barfine. Then the lady is free to leave her work and be your Bangkok escort for the rest of the night. Most bars have a big sign in their bars that will quote the price for a barfine. There are many massage parlors who offer the same outcall service where you pay for the lady's time by hours or days to be your masseuse and escort for social and sensual activities. They expect a tip as barfines - that range from 600 to 3000 Baht - do not include a payment for the Thai escort (aka Thai tour guide).

Oriental girls from Asia are known for their gentle touch and their smooth skin. Asians offer some of the finest GFE in the world of escorts, bargirls and courtesans.



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