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Tacos Altos

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Tacos Altos

As a tourist in Buenos Aires you may think the Argentine capital is a big brothel. Public telephone booths are plastered with business cards of private brothels and escorts, tourist magazines are full of ads of strip clubs and newspapers burst of independent escort ads inside the infamous Rubro 59 classifieds - not to mention ads on Craig's List. The internet takes it even further. An abundance of Argentine escort portals and erotic dating platforms can be found in Spanish and English languages. One of the most famous internet escort portals for Buenos Aires is called Tacos Altos. It means as much as 'high heels' and stands as a synonym for the profession of a mistress. Once you visit Tacos Altos all you see is an ocean of thumbnails. Each thumb leads to the details of an female escort with some really nice images. While the images do display the escort in most cases, they are professionally retouched so be prepared for some 'minor' drawbacks.

tacos altos
A large number of escort thumbs on the main page of Tacos Altos let's you preselect a Buenos Aires escort for more images and contact info

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