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Mulher Fatal

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Mulher Fatal

God must be living in Brazil! I think he might even be Brazilian! Look at all the gorgeous acompanantes - how they call escorts in Rio and Sao Paulo - from Mulher Fatal, a Brazilian escort mall that I just discovered while looking for sexy Brazilian girls for my first trip to Sao Paulo later this year. The amazing thing I find with the Brazilian scene is the sheer abundance of talent and how wide spread it is. In most countries you find escort agencies inside the capital and in a few bigger cities, only. But in Brazil it seems that even the smallest community has agencies, saunas and brothels on almost every corner and the girls all look so great. Does anybody know where Goiania is? Mel Merraz is from there. She has an absolute amazing ass and a real nice latina female body. I will make sure to travel to Goiana and make a date with her during my Brazilian sex vacation.

Acompanante Mel Ferraz shows her heavenly reverse side. Image courtesy of mulherfatal.com.br

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