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Mulher Fatal

God must be living in Brazil! I think he might even be Brazilian! Look at all the gorgeous acompanantes - how they call escorts in Rio and Sao Paulo - from Mulher Fatal, a Brazilian escort mall that I just discovered while looking for sexy Brazilian girls for my first trip to Sao Paulo later this year. The amazing thing I find with the Brazilian scene is the sheer abundance of talent and how wide spread it is. In most countries you find escort agencies inside the capital and in a few bigger cities, only. But in Brazil it seems that even the smallest community has agencies, saunas and brothels on almost every corner and the girls all look so great. Does anybody know where Goiania is? Mel Merraz is from there. She has an absolute amazing ass and a real nice latina female body. I will make sure to travel to Goiana and make a date with her during my Brazilian sex vacation.

Acompanante Mel Ferraz shows her heavenly reverse side. Image courtesy of mulherfatal.com.br

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Babylon Venezuela

One might suspect that with socialist leader Hugo Chaves' in power it would be hard to find escorts in Venezuela's capital Caracas. But the opposite is the case. The internet is full of offers of Caracas escorts. Women from this South American country are considered the most beautiful in the world. Venezuela is the record holder in beauty queens who have become Miss World at the globe's best known beauty peagant. That in mind be prepared to find some of the most gorgeous Latina escorts in Caracas. One of the newest agencies from the capital is Babylon. This small agency features about a dozen sexy ladies available as Caracas escorts for tourists and business men. The website provides sample images (but without showing their faces) and prices for up to 2 hours of company.

babylon escort
Kitty is 23 years and stands 1.73 cm tall. A very attractive escort from Babylon in Caracas

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Tacos Altos

As a tourist in Buenos Aires you may think the Argentine capital is a big brothel. Public telephone booths are plastered with business cards of private brothels and escorts, tourist magazines are full of ads of strip clubs and newspapers burst of independent escort ads inside the infamous Rubro 59 classifieds - not to mention ads on Craig's List. The internet takes it even further. An abundance of Argentine escort portals and erotic dating platforms can be found in Spanish and English languages. One of the most famous internet escort portals for Buenos Aires is called Tacos Altos. It means as much as 'high heels' and stands as a synonym for the profession of a mistress. Once you visit Tacos Altos all you see is an ocean of thumbnails. Each thumb leads to the details of an female escort with some really nice images. While the images do display the escort in most cases, they are professionally retouched so be prepared for some 'minor' drawbacks.

tacos altos
A large number of escort thumbs on the main page of Tacos Altos let's you preselect a Buenos Aires escort for more images and contact info

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Mexico City

Mexican escort portalBelleza Vip is a new escort protal with female companions from Mexico City. Once you enter the site look for the navigation bar on the left hand side and click on directorio rapido to get a quick view of all available Mexican escorts. You don't need to be afraid to see the ugly Mexican hookers that you have heard of from infamous border town Tijuana. Most of the acompanhantes (Spanish word for escort) are sexy and look attractive like photo models. The images are very erotic and awake erotic phantasies. The site is an escort portal that provides information like contact phone numbers and images that are provided by the escorts. They are not an escort agency, but just a third party who get's paid by posting independent providers' info. Just a tip for the navigation on the site. When you click on the thumbs of individual escorts try to move sideways inside the frame of the photos to get a full view on all escort images. Have a nice trip to Mexico city and don't forget to write a review about your first Mexican escort experience.

mexican escort
Alondra is one of the sexy Mexican acompanhantes available on bellezavip.com escort portal for sensual company in Mexico City