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Medellin Girlfriends

Colombian girls are known to be some of the best courtesans on the planet. Whether you visit a German nightclub, a bar in Costa Rica or a high-end parlor in Hong Kong, you always find sweet Colombian women ready to serve. But why not undertake a visit to Colombia yourself? Cartagena offers a nice beach, but the best looking women are from Cali and Medellin. The other day I had a look at Girlfriend for a week, an escort agency from this nice town in the mountains. Their models are stunning Colombian girls with long legs and nice female curves on the right spot. Their service is aimed at providing a girlfriend for a longer period of time: a day, weekend or and entire week. I guess they want you to really fall in love with the girl and marry her. Their prices are not as inflated as the Colombian escort agencies from Bogota and most of their ladies are just side liners who have a normal daytime job. Pretty sweet offer :-) A membership for a small fee of 25 USD will enable you to see more images of the Medellin escorts with real faces and without blur. You may request a refund of this fee when you actually make a booking as far as I believe, but who cares about 25 bucks more or less when having a chance to spend a couple of sensual days with an erotic Colombian escort.