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Financial Crisis

Ever thought about how the current crisis on the financial markets will effect escort business and prostitution? I just came across an article on Slate online magazine dealing with this topic. As a conclusion one could say it is good for prostitutes that work on the streets because they are moving to inhouse prostitution or into strip clubs and don't need to work the streets anymore because it won't be as profitable. It seems the writers have no clue what they are writing about. Street prostitution is probably just practiced by drug addicts and very low level girls. They could hardly apply for a job in a good strip club, yet be accepted by a reputable escort agency. At least it's nice to see a little write up in the main stream media and their attempt to find a worthless opinion about street hookers. Usually, a lot of men and women turn to prostitution in bad times because it's the easiest way of making money. Demand for escorts will not be lower, but since more providers are competing for customers prices will go down a great deal. However, upscale companions will always be able to charge top bucks.

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Big Doggie

big doggie

One of the oldest escort communities for the USA can be found on Big Doggie Net. Unlike in many other countries escorts from the US are very careful in advertising their services due to legal insecurity about the industry. That's one of the reasons why many providers chose to advertise inside closed communities like on this site or on TER instead of marketing their sites in public. Additionally members of review boards will have it easier to pass customer screening that many American escorts find substantial before engaging into a sensual relationship. For many punters it is scary to provide personal information to an escort, but being part of a community where people have references helps substantially. It's far more difficult to deal with escorts in the US than anywhere else in the world, but Big Doggie and the other review sites make it a bit easier. Of course you have to keep in mind that it is a profit oriented enterprise in the first place.

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Asians in New York

Asian girls are exotic and very desirable. They come with petite bodies and gentle, warm characters to make perfect female companions. If you live in the Big Apple or if you travel to Manhattan for business you have a new option to spend your evening with a charming Asian escort. NY Orientals is a small escort agency specializing in upscale Asian escorts. The gallery on their site displays 9 oriental women in their twenties. The ladies are all very tasty. They seem to be well-bred and in good physical shape. Some reviews on TER are online for you to check. Have fun in the Big Apple to discover the beauty of oriental women.

oriental escorts
The gallery page of NY Orientals displays 9 Asian escorts in Brooklyn and Manhattan

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The Erotic Review

The internet is a very valuable resource to find female escorts. It's also possible to find references to escorts via escort review sites to see if your high expectations on a courtesan will be met. The most widely recognized information resource on US escorts is undoubtedly The Erotic Review. This punter community features a large board full of escort reviews written by experienced members. It features general and more specific details about the encounters with a particular escort in regard to cleanliness, friendliness and sensual skills. Most US providers are more than proud about their reviews on TER and provide links on their homepage to their reviews. If you don't find such link, send them an email and ask if they have been reviewed on The Erotic Review. The membership fee of around 20$ is a good investment if you plan to hook up with an escort in the USA for a trip on an erotic highway. TER also features a discussion board where users exchange their opinions and experiences.

the erotic review
The main page of TER gives a solid preview of the membership benefits

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Virginia Escort

Do you like biker babes? If that is the case and you live close to Virginia Beach VA you are lucky. The escort of your dreams is just around the corner: Tina Jo Gunn. This brunette all American lady in her late twenties loves tattoos and her Harley Davidson and she looks pretty good while she is doing it. I am sure she can drive much more than just a motor cycle or a horse. She has autumn hair, brown eyes, 5'5, 125lbs, wears a size 5 in pants, small in shirts or sweaters with measurements 36c/26/36. As said, she is a Virgina escort and available in Virgina Beach and for travel through exclusive independent arrangements.
Edit: This Virgina escort is retired, now.

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