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Escort Drama

Just stumbled upon this portal Escort Drama it describes situations with American escorts being setup by law enforcement and fined in front of US courts for prostitution. Not sure what to make out of this site, but maybe it's a good screening source for clients as to determine what providers to avoid. Maybe not a good choice not to engage with escorts who do have criminal records. Edit: This website was very short lived and ceased operation. It expired and it's escort domain is parked.
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Massage Parlor Reviews

While escorts are available in most US states, it is more convenient for many gentlemen to visit an incall massage parlor for a good body scrub. In most cases no appointment is needed and the escort agency provides a luxurious studio for an intimate meeting including jakuzzi and sauna. Specially, California is known for it’s full service massage parlors. MP Reviews provides accounts of body rub visits from all over the USA. It’s a fine community of paid members who share their experiences with fellow Johns. In most cases body massage services are much cheaper compared to escort agencies and independent female courtesans. Have fun and let us know if those mp reviews are of help for your carnal adventures in the United States.


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Las Vegas Escorts

Thinking about a gambling trip to Las Vegas? Where can you find good resources for upscale Nevada companions? One of the prime sources for Nevada escorts: Eros Las Vegas. It's a popular online market place for escort ads. Since it is very competitive with a lot of daily vistors, escorts pay for ads and publish their info including pictures. Every upscale Las Vages girl wants to be on this escort list for maximum exposure. It's nice to browse this listing as it contains resident providers as well as highend escorts who visit for a couple of days. This includes models and pornstars. Probably the most upscale Nevada escort mall online. The babes have a high price tag, don't expect them to be a bargain. They are there for sweet-taxing your gambling profits or widening your sour losses. Please, excuse my sudden sense for sarcasm :-) but it's true! Las Vegas escorts are all about money and nothing else.
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Porn Star Escorts

I guess you have heard about the big porn business in Los Angeles. Around 90% of all commercial porn is produced in the porn valley north of LA. Many of the female pornstars are trying to break into the real movie biz, but most of them fail. So, what do they do to make a living? Are they bar tending or baby sitting? It's just a rumor, but we have heard that being a porn star does not pay bills for most performers. Most of them become strippers and exotic dancers, but a couple of the best American porn stars turn to escorting just like Sabrine Maui. Some run their own pornstar escort sites, but there are a few California escort agencies around that offer contacts to some of the most famous adult stars in the biz like Body Miracle. Give them a call if you have the dream of banging a porn star and ask them for a recession rebate as their tariffs are rather steep.
body miracles
LA agency Body Miracle offers dates with many American adult stars in California

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Dirty Money

CNBC is one of my favorite TV chanels, best known for it's reporting on the economy, stocks and money. Well, they were just doing exactly that: reporting about money when they aired a feature about high end prostitution in America - Dirty Money. During this extensive late night feature they shed some light on the business of the most expensive US escorts and how they conduct their services, where they find customers and their role as webmasters of own escort websites. It was more or less a great guideline for aspiring escorts to get started in the business as well as an introduction to gentlemen on where to find such escorts, like becoming a member of the escort review site TER. When searching the web most such guides and reports are ripoffs leading to questionable dating sites with fake profiles, but CNBC got the deal right. It's one of the best features on upscale American escorts that I have ever seen aired on a TV station from the good ole USA.

dirty money cnbc

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