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Cancun Escorts

Cancun on the Mexican Riviera is known for it's wild nightlife and spring break parties. Lot's of bars and clubs to find girls for sex, but there are a few escort websites online with Cancun escorts on top of that. Cancun Escorts is one of them. The Mexican escort sites features around 15 Latina girls with various photos and contact info. Have fun in Cancun. It's a great destination for fun in the sun :-)

escort cancun
Melissa is one of many female Mexican companions from Cancun Escorts

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While searching for escort reviews in a new country you may be faced with the question: What does escort mean in a particular language? Let's say you are looking for Brazilian escorts, you would want to know what term to use to find a sensual sex partner in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Why don't you try Acompanhante? It means as much as companion, but everybody associates sensual female company with the term Acompanhante. One of the leading Sao Paulo escort portals is called MClass. It's a vast and awesome site to find some of the most attractive Sao Paulo courtesans. This Brazilian escort mall consists of two sections. First you have the free section that provides one image and free contact info. Then you have a paysite section for less than 30 Brazilian Real (approx. 10 US$) that shows more revealing stuff - some of it very explicit. Not that I want to pimp that site or anything else, but I find the images of real escorts more tempting than all those fake and plastic porn sites that are out there on the net. If you can't make it to Brazil, it is always very delightful to watch the Brazilian chicks online and keep your erotic dreams alive. Imho it is much more intersting to browse Brazil escort nudes than paying for other paysites to get your daily fix. However, if you happen to travel to Sao Paulo you will love the selection of available girls. No need to see their nudes. Get a guide who speaks some Portuguese and have him call the acompanhantes for you :-) Great fun including superb service!

mclass escort
Gabi, a sexy blonde escort from Sao Paulo featured on

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Dosug Moscow

Have you ever searched the net for Moscow escorts? If yes, you probably stumbled upon so called Dosug sites. Those sites are nothing else than what you see in other countries, they are escort malls or escort portals. Escorts or their agencies advertise on those sites for a fee and have their images and profiles displayed for a certain time frame. Since there is a lot of competition from many different providers prices on Moscow escort Dosug sites are way lower than the insane quotes from various online agencies. Most of the ladies on Dosug sites are working out of apartment brothels where a handful of girls provide services in a very cozy and homey atmosphere. If you haven't known about those sites just try Google search for terms like Moscow Dosug or escort dosug ... of course they have a lot of Dosug escort sites for St. Petersburg and other Russian cities as well. Other popular search terms for Russian escorts are intim and devochki.

lesbian moscow escorts
Two lesbian Moscow escorts from an ad on, that unfortunately is no longer operational.

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Prague Alice VIP

The Czech capital Prague is well known for it's beautiful women. The adult industry is very strong and so it is pretty natural to see a lot of escort agencies. When you stroll around the city you receive business cards from escort agencies. Sex for sale is the most normal thing in Eastern Europe. A lot of escort agencies come and go, but just a few stay in business over many years. One of the oldest Prague escort agency is Alice VIP. Alice has been around for 7 years and they constantly update their website with fresh talent. Don't be surprised to find a couple of pornstars among their girls. Many Czech porn stars are also availabe as pornstar escorts and take gigs as strippers in Prague downtown strip clubs. Prices in Prague have gone up significantly over the past years. They are inline with escort fees in London and Paris by now. Most Czech girls speak excellent English and make great companions.

callgirls prague
Yvette, one of Alice's VIP escorts from Prague who is a famous fashion model

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VIP Manila

VIP manila escort

A new escort agency from the Philippines is online: VIP Manila. The Filipina escort site features around 10 ladies aged 18 to 20 available for outcall in Metro Manila. Prices are high compared to the rates of freelancers and Makati bargirls, but they are still well below other Asian escorts in Japan, China or Singapore. All ladies are described in a short profile with a couple of topless photos in sexy poses. The website provides a cell phone number for contact. It's one of very few escort agencies from Manila that have such an open web presence. Most other agencies operate in a more disguised way like advertising platforms or Yahoo groups. The girls look sexy for sure :-) One of their offers includes a beach vacation with 2 companions on Boracay White Beach if you think about some sensual romance in a world class vacation hideaway.

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Financial Crisis

Ever thought about how the current crisis on the financial markets will effect escort business and prostitution? I just came across an article on Slate online magazine dealing with this topic. As a conclusion one could say it is good for prostitutes that work on the streets because they are moving to inhouse prostitution or into strip clubs and don't need to work the streets anymore because it won't be as profitable. It seems the writers have no clue what they are writing about. Street prostitution is probably just practiced by drug addicts and very low level girls. They could hardly apply for a job in a good strip club, yet be accepted by a reputable escort agency. At least it's nice to see a little write up in the main stream media and their attempt to find a worthless opinion about street hookers. Usually, a lot of men and women turn to prostitution in bad times because it's the easiest way of making money. Demand for escorts will not be lower, but since more providers are competing for customers prices will go down a great deal. However, upscale companions will always be able to charge top bucks.

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Big Doggie

big doggie

One of the oldest escort communities for the USA can be found on Big Doggie Net. Unlike in many other countries escorts from the US are very careful in advertising their services due to legal insecurity about the industry. That's one of the reasons why many providers chose to advertise inside closed communities like on this site or on TER instead of marketing their sites in public. Additionally members of review boards will have it easier to pass customer screening that many American escorts find substantial before engaging into a sensual relationship. For many punters it is scary to provide personal information to an escort, but being part of a community where people have references helps substantially. It's far more difficult to deal with escorts in the US than anywhere else in the world, but Big Doggie and the other review sites make it a bit easier. Of course you have to keep in mind that it is a profit oriented enterprise in the first place.

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Mulher Fatal

God must be living in Brazil! I think he might even be Brazilian! Look at all the gorgeous acompanantes - how they call escorts in Rio and Sao Paulo - from Mulher Fatal, a Brazilian escort mall that I just discovered while looking for sexy Brazilian girls for my first trip to Sao Paulo later this year. The amazing thing I find with the Brazilian scene is the sheer abundance of talent and how wide spread it is. In most countries you find escort agencies inside the capital and in a few bigger cities, only. But in Brazil it seems that even the smallest community has agencies, saunas and brothels on almost every corner and the girls all look so great. Does anybody know where Goiania is? Mel Merraz is from there. She has an absolute amazing ass and a real nice latina female body. I will make sure to travel to Goiana and make a date with her during my Brazilian sex vacation.

Acompanante Mel Ferraz shows her heavenly reverse side. Image courtesy of

Tags: latina
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Babylon Venezuela

One might suspect that with socialist leader Hugo Chaves' in power it would be hard to find escorts in Venezuela's capital Caracas. But the opposite is the case. The internet is full of offers of Caracas escorts. Women from this South American country are considered the most beautiful in the world. Venezuela is the record holder in beauty queens who have become Miss World at the globe's best known beauty peagant. That in mind be prepared to find some of the most gorgeous Latina escorts in Caracas. One of the newest agencies from the capital is Babylon. This small agency features about a dozen sexy ladies available as Caracas escorts for tourists and business men. The website provides sample images (but without showing their faces) and prices for up to 2 hours of company.

babylon escort
Kitty is 23 years and stands 1.73 cm tall. A very attractive escort from Babylon in Caracas

Tags: agency, latina
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Tacos Altos

As a tourist in Buenos Aires you may think the Argentine capital is a big brothel. Public telephone booths are plastered with business cards of private brothels and escorts, tourist magazines are full of ads of strip clubs and newspapers burst of independent escort ads inside the infamous Rubro 59 classifieds - not to mention ads on Craig's List. The internet takes it even further. An abundance of Argentine escort portals and erotic dating platforms can be found in Spanish and English languages. One of the most famous internet escort portals for Buenos Aires is called Tacos Altos. It means as much as 'high heels' and stands as a synonym for the profession of a mistress. Once you visit Tacos Altos all you see is an ocean of thumbnails. Each thumb leads to the details of an female escort with some really nice images. While the images do display the escort in most cases, they are professionally retouched so be prepared for some 'minor' drawbacks.

tacos altos
A large number of escort thumbs on the main page of Tacos Altos let's you preselect a Buenos Aires escort for more images and contact info

Tags: latina
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Wanessa in Rome

I have been been planning a trip to the Italian capital of Rome for some time, now. It seems that I will able to make it there later this year. Of course I would like to spend a couple of hours in the lovely company of a charming and sexy Rome escort. Luckily, I found this Italian escort portal: Non Solo Escort. Like many other escort malls they feature images and contact info of independent female escorts - they are called accompagnatrici in Italian language. The Rome escort that cought my immediate attention was Wanessa, an awesome looking Italian beauty queen with perfect shape. You can virtually smell the sweet scent of her expensive parfume when you look at her nude images. She has a butt to die for. There are around 30 Italian ladies on this site with all escort details you need to make a booking. Hope you will enjoy this great Italian escort mall as much as I do.

rome escort wanessa

Sexy Wanessa is one of around 30 independent Italian girls from Non Solo Escort mall

Tags: agency, busty
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Asians in New York

Asian girls are exotic and very desirable. They come with petite bodies and gentle, warm characters to make perfect female companions. If you live in the Big Apple or if you travel to Manhattan for business you have a new option to spend your evening with a charming Asian escort. NY Orientals is a small escort agency specializing in upscale Asian escorts. The gallery on their site displays 9 oriental women in their twenties. The ladies are all very tasty. They seem to be well-bred and in good physical shape. Some reviews on TER are online for you to check. Have fun in the Big Apple to discover the beauty of oriental women.

oriental escorts
The gallery page of NY Orientals displays 9 Asian escorts in Brooklyn and Manhattan

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The Erotic Review

The internet is a very valuable resource to find female escorts. It's also possible to find references to escorts via escort review sites to see if your high expectations on a courtesan will be met. The most widely recognized information resource on US escorts is undoubtedly The Erotic Review. This punter community features a large board full of escort reviews written by experienced members. It features general and more specific details about the encounters with a particular escort in regard to cleanliness, friendliness and sensual skills. Most US providers are more than proud about their reviews on TER and provide links on their homepage to their reviews. If you don't find such link, send them an email and ask if they have been reviewed on The Erotic Review. The membership fee of around 20$ is a good investment if you plan to hook up with an escort in the USA for a trip on an erotic highway. TER also features a discussion board where users exchange their opinions and experiences.

the erotic review
The main page of TER gives a solid preview of the membership benefits

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Mexico City

Mexican escort portalBelleza Vip is a new escort protal with female companions from Mexico City. Once you enter the site look for the navigation bar on the left hand side and click on directorio rapido to get a quick view of all available Mexican escorts. You don't need to be afraid to see the ugly Mexican hookers that you have heard of from infamous border town Tijuana. Most of the acompanhantes (Spanish word for escort) are sexy and look attractive like photo models. The images are very erotic and awake erotic phantasies. The site is an escort portal that provides information like contact phone numbers and images that are provided by the escorts. They are not an escort agency, but just a third party who get's paid by posting independent providers' info. Just a tip for the navigation on the site. When you click on the thumbs of individual escorts try to move sideways inside the frame of the photos to get a full view on all escort images. Have a nice trip to Mexico city and don't forget to write a review about your first Mexican escort experience.

mexican escort
Alondra is one of the sexy Mexican acompanhantes available on escort portal for sensual company in Mexico City

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Categories: USA

Virginia Escort

Do you like biker babes? If that is the case and you live close to Virginia Beach VA you are lucky. The escort of your dreams is just around the corner: Tina Jo Gunn. This brunette all American lady in her late twenties loves tattoos and her Harley Davidson and she looks pretty good while she is doing it. I am sure she can drive much more than just a motor cycle or a horse. She has autumn hair, brown eyes, 5'5, 125lbs, wears a size 5 in pants, small in shirts or sweaters with measurements 36c/26/36. As said, she is a Virgina escort and available in Virgina Beach and for travel through exclusive independent arrangements.
Edit: This Virgina escort is retired, now.

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Scam Agencies

The internet makes escort bookings a breeze. But sometimes the delight of an online booking can turn into a nightmare. Imagine you see this sexy model from the Ukraine, Romania or Moldovia on a website and she is available to visit you in London, Paris or wherever you are to spend a nice weekend with you. It sounds logical that they will ask you for a advance payment to cover traveling cost and part of the companion fee in advance. Hey, wake up! In most cases you will never hear from the people again after you have sent the money and certainly the escort will never be on the flight that you paid her airfare for. Unfortunately, a large scam industry has grown around the business of traveling escorts from East Europe, specially the Ukraine. The shady scam scheme is always the same. An escort agency emerges and buys up photos from a fashion photographer, they launch a website with incredibly attractive women and advertise on various escort directories. They even employ students in call centers that you will be able to call and talk to with the false imagination of speaking to the fashion model that you saw on their website. They collect advance payments from hundreds of potential customers at an average of at least 1500 Euro each. 2 or 3 months later they close doors and disappear! Your money is gone and you have no way of ever retrieving it.
When making bookings for traveling escorts and you really want to follow up with an advance payment you should always be very cautious. Always ask for a copy of the escort's passport and make flight bookings and payments yourself. This is still no guarantee that the girl you booked will show up or that she will look like the lady on the images, but at least you won't allow them to cash in on the airfare. If the agency refuses to provide a passport copy and won't allow you to make travel arrangements on your own something is fishy and we do recommend not to send any funds in advance. You can check escort agency's reputations of review boards such as Captain 69.

Tags: kiev, scam, ukraine
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Categories: Asian Escort Agencies, Bangkok

Bangkok Outcall

Bangkok is known for it's carnal nightlife, but yet there are just a few Bangkok escort agencies with websites online. Why is that, one might want to ask? The reason is very simple: there is very little demand for escort agencies like you know them from Western countries. If you want to find a escort you would go to a bar in one of the red-light districts like Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy, Patpong or Soi 33 and look for a girl among dancers and waitresses that you like. Buy them a drink, talk with them and if you like pay a barfine. Then the lady is free to leave her work and be your Bangkok escort for the rest of the night. Most bars have a big sign in their bars that will quote the price for a barfine. There are many massage parlors who offer the same outcall service where you pay for the lady's time by hours or days to be your masseuse and escort for social and sensual activities. They expect a tip as barfines - that range from 600 to 3000 Baht - do not include a payment for the Thai escort (aka Thai tour guide).

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Manila Escorts

Finding escorts in Manila is a bit different than in most other parts of the world. There is a saying. The easiest way to find a lady escort for a night would be to head to P. Burgos Street in Makati. There are around 15 bars with names like Bottoms Up, Mascara, Billboard and Rogues to name just a few. All the bars are full of Filipina bar girls who are soliciting for drinks they earn commissions from. If you are willing to spend around 3000 Peso (80 US$) on a lady she will be allowed to leave her work and you can take her out as an escort for one night. That's the most common way of finding a Manila escort. There are other venues to find freelance escorts like the LA Cafe or in Greenbelt, but P. Burgos street is more convenient and safe as you see what you get because most Filipina bar girls will be dancing in bikinis before you make a choice while freelancers are fully dressed and it will be difficult to make a judgement on their physical beauty.
There are no legal escort agencies available in Manila, but you can find ads in the print media like on Buy an Sell as well as in various Filipino adult Yahoo groups and over webcams or Yahoo Messenger.

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